Korean Twitch streamers are getting their lives trolled by JooE’s Tropicana CF

Sooooo remember how MOMOLAND‘s JooE became a meme by dancing her little heart out to a remix of “Wonderful Love” on stage? Remember how that meme then became a commercial for Tropicana? Yeah, well now that in itself has become a meme to the point where it’s gotten a news report for how much it’s being parodied and used to troll Twitch streamers.

Remember guys, K-pop is about TALENT, which is why JooE becoming a meme will probably net her company more money (a lot more) than all of SPICA‘s discography.

But seriously, some of them are quite hilarious.

And here’s some of the memes themselves that are used to troll.

This shit is endless, but I don’t want to crash your browsers.


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