YMC issue yet another warning to fans and they are like totally super seriously this time

Through WANNA ONE‘s official Twitter account, YMC Entertainment issued yet another warning to fans to stop acting crazy (for this scary-ass scene), which I’m sure will work this time about as good as the other times.


Hello, this is YMC Entertainment.

We would like to address ‘Wanna One Fan Order (http://cafe.daum.net/WannaOneOfficial/QioK/31)’ once again, as we have noticed that there has been no improvement and there are many people who act more severely than before.

Below is a case in Thailand last week. If such case continues to occur, we will be taking all possible legal actions, including restrictions on fan club activities.

-Case 1. Leaving a letter or gift to Wanna One.

Due to few fans leaving gifts behind and traveling around the cabin to see Wanna One, we have received complaints from the airline for the disruption in airline service delivery and for the inconvenience caused to the passengers, including Wanna One members. Also, there were unpleasant incidents, including customs issues due to a number of gifts received in cabin. All the letters and gifts that were secretly delivered in the airport and throughout the flight were disposed with the help of the airline. Please note that only the letters and gifts received from the designated site will be delivered to Wanna One members, and that all the gifts received from other places will be destroyed.

-Case 2. Talking directly to Wanna One members or taking a photo secretly.

Throughout the flight, under the purpose of going to restroom, there were many people who tried to talk to Wanna One members, touch members’ body, and take pictures of the members while pretending to take selfies of themselves. Even if you happen to have a chance to take the same flight as Wanna One, please be aware that talking or touching Wanna One members, and taking videos and photographs of the members are highly prohibited. Upon detection of any of the following violations, please note that we will take away your camera and delete all of your data.

-Case 3. Violating safety precautions within the aircraft.

Throughout the flight, regardless of the red sign or during take-off, few fans did not comply with the airline’s safety precautions by standing up or moving around the cabin. Such attitude affected both airline staffs and other passengers. Due to this incident, we have received a number of complaints from the majority of the passengers, as well as the airline. Please note that the image of Wanna One have been affected due to the above incidents. In case you happen to be board on the same plane as Wanna One, we would like to ask you to behave in orderly manner.

-Case 4. Causing chaotic situation at airport.

There were countless number of people violating the airport’s restrictions even in places where any photo and video is prohibited. A number of fans showed disrespect to staffs and breached Wanna One members’ personal space by following them in proximity and taking photos and videos. Despite the precaution, if one continues to take photos and videos, we will be taking serious action.

Due to the following incidents, Wanna One members are suffering from physical and mental stress. YMC Entertainment takes the safety of Wanna One members as the top priority; we will be taking actions against the ones who do not comply with the following guideline. Please note that your action can directly influence Wanna One’s reputation.

In case you happen board the same plane as Wanna One, please comply with the airline’s safety guidelines to avoid any inconvenience happening to other passengers, including Wanna One members.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


I mean how long can they wait before they take actual action? Either do something or stop issuing statements that obviously don’t work worth a shit.


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