Park Joon Hyung fights off attempted robbery by racists on ‘Buying Hardships’

Park Joon Hyung was in Brussels, Belgium for the ‘Buying Hardships‘ variety show, and he was approached by a group on the street. As it turns out, however, they were trying to rob him. Park Joon Hyung fought back, so the would-be robbers responded by yelling racial slurs at him and shit, and he had to be held back by the staff.

After, Park Joon Hyung took to Instagram to leave a message about the situation.

Yo~ Here is the scene that worried and disturbed so many people~1st off sorry for worrying everyone and thank you for caring~Basically this was a situation NOBODY was ready or accounted for~it was late at night and we were all very tired from the long flight and had no thoughts walking to out last location with blank minds… and then BAM… at first I thought it was a joke but then when I realized itwas a real situation &they were tryin 2 steal from me the 1st thing that came 2 my mind was to get these crazy guys as far away from the rest of the cast and crew as possible because these cats were not in their right minds… and LUCKILY before the situation got worse the rsst of the crew who went across the street beforehand came back with the security/bodyguards and the situation was resolved. Basically in whatever country you go to there will be good people and bad. But u always need to becareful~especially at night in a new place/foreign environment that you have never been to before~u will automatically be a magnet to trouble since you will stick out like a sore thumb~ even in your own neighborhood in the middle of the night can be dangerous but even moreso in a foreign environment~ so EVERYONE if u do go traveling and go out at night PLEASE becareful and move in groups and not alone… remember that nody is born a bad person… situations make a person bad~with that note I apologize once more for making so many worry~ and Thanks! BBBAAAMMM!!!

In the end, as always, he still knew how to be positive about things with the message.

Of course, it doesn’t surprise that he would be one to not take shit considering the circumstances that surrounded him in America growing up.

“I experienced racial discrimination for the first time in a long time in an unfamiliar place,” Park had said in the press conference for the show on Sept. 13. “It almost felt like the US in the 1970s and 1980s.”

I’m glad he stood up for himself like that and didn’t take shit, as Asians are generally seen as easy targets.


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