Sorn’s explanation of CLC’s foreigners being paid less than Koreans … explained

In a recent article, I wrote about Sorn explaining how Korean members of CLC ended up getting paid more than the foreign members, and I stated that I’d like to learn more about why exactly this is. Fortunately, clarifications that followed did help with this and ended up shining light on what seems to be an actual problem in the industry.

So basically the Federation Of Korean Music Performers (FKMP) collects a royalty fee, but they do not pay it out until the country that the idol in question is from signs an agreement with them. That essentially ends up making the earnings loss for foreign idols permanent if the countries cannot come to an agreement. Thus, this is not on Cube Entertainment at all as it’s an industry problem, and Lisa of BLACKPINK, BamBam of GOT7, and other foreign idols (like Elkie) also deal with the same thing.

Also, Sorn is awesome. The only reason the previous video lacked answers to this is that it didn’t show the whole interview with her, because Sorn already got to the bottom of it her damn self. She basically found something unfair that other foreign idols just accept, launched her own personal investigation, and appears to have assisted at least Thai idols with getting the royalties they’re entitled to.

I’m convinced Sorn is just doing this idol shit so she knows what it’s like for when she opens her own agency or something later.


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