[Event] Kidoh finally got a show together in LA and rocked Club Bound

As you might remember from our recent exclusive interview with KIDOH, he mentioned he was hoping to put a show together while in LA. Time was ticking and I was starting to think it just wasn’t going to happen this time around, until out of nowhere the flyer went up with barely a week’s notice! LA was finally gonna get that KIDOH show we’ve all been thirsty for.


I pulled up to Club Bound and immediately felt the rush of anticipation to see people piling into the club. I checked in with Empanada in tow, said my greetings to the Koreatown Gods and bumped into KIDOH at the door. We made with the cutesy chitchat, laughed at running into each other, and headed in. His smile be making girls’ knees weak, let me tell you!

Inside, DJ Papito was spinning the crowd into the groove while everyone waited for the main attraction. We danced, we mingled, I clutched Empanada to avoid getting knocked around. It was wild for a Friday night. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but the moment the music stopped, everyone started cheering.

KIDOH stood in the VIP section, mic in hand, mentally preparing for his stage. The MC yelled “YOU READY FOR KIDOH?!” and KIDOH took to the stage. Everyone crowded in. He held the mic up, and nothing. We all stared as no one could hear him! He quickly swapped microphones with the MC and the track started over, at which point he rocked the mic and spat fire from his gut.

Kidoh performed tracks from ‘S.O.H.K‘ like “Her” and “Trade“, and he just rolled through songs as everyone got down on the dance floor, which made me realize this show felt different.

Maybe because it was a 21 and over show, maybe because it was an intimate club setting, maybe it was because KIDOH has no hesitation when it comes to sexual content, but the crowd was less screaming K-pop fans and more hip-hop heads out to grind on the dance floor.

When he got around to performing his Supreme Boi collab, “KFC“, he had basically the entire crowd yelling, “Work that pussy!

Before launching into “Weed You“, he talked about his weed controversy in Korea being the birth of the track.

It was basically non-stop KIDOH bringing his newest sounds to this party-hard LA crowd. And just like that, it was over. When he stepped off stage, Kidoh hugged people covering the event, thanking people for coming out. My brain melted out of my ears. He was so pumped from being on stage again I could almost feel the electricity crackling from his skin.

Before we left, we spotted him outside the club with his crew. We said our goodbyes and he told me he was leaving LA two days later. I was so surprised he was able to get the show in and suddenly felt so very blessed to see him live. Who knows when he’s coming back, but since he adapted to LA life so easily, I hope he does come back ASAP.

I definitely look forward to hearing new KIDOH tracks soon, and I hope to see him perform live again. If that does happen, be sure to check him out with me. He’s a whole different animal with a mic in his hands.

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