Amuro Namie begins the end of her career with fittingly upbeat & rebellious, “Showtime”

Amuro Namie is retiring next year, and the upcoming ‘Finally‘ album will be her final one. It’s going to be a best-of compilation album that will include 39 of her previous hits (some with new vocals and arrangements) and 13 new songs (including the singles released for this album), and one of the new tracks is “Showtime“.

“Showtime” is appropriately upbeat and fun, which is the only way Namie should be going out, really. There’s also something more authentic to have somebody like Namie play the rebel and rock a shirt telling you to ‘Do What You Love’. It’s cliche to hear that nowadays, especially in the West (and in K-pop, really), but Namie is one of the few that can say that with something behind it cause that’s been the story of her career.


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