Korean entertainment may be slowly making its way back into China

Following China and South Korea’s agreement to mend relations over THAAD, it appears that the not-an-official-ban-but-really-they’re-banned situation with Korean entertainment in China is also thawing a bit.

According to related industries, a South Korean girl group, Mamamoo, is known to have flown to China on Tuesday and taped a music program that will be aired on a Sichuan satellite TV channel. An industry source said some small- and mid-sized Chinese contents providers began contacting South Koreans to resume importing Korean dramas. The source expects suspended joint cultural content projects between the two countries will also be resumed soon.

Makes sense that they’re not gonna just put the biggest acts back on the biggest stages right away, but things seem to be trending in the right direction as long as those THAAD talks don’t shit the bed at some point in the near future.


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