Trans woman celeb Harisu responds to Han Seo Hee’s transphobic comments

In response to Han Seo Hee‘s transphobic rant against trans women, trans woman celebrity Harisu responded on Instagram (1/2).

“Everyone has the freedom to say what they believe. However, if you want to be a celebrity who is a public figure, you have to think about how much weight your words will have. I’m just sad about this person’s character as well as the things she does.”

“The second half of my social security number starts with a 2. Also, there are people who have to remove their uterus because of cancer or a disease, but does Han Seo Hee’s words mean they’re not women? She’s not feminist or anything. I don’t want to argue.”

Harisu was being extremely tame with her comments, but I think the point gets across.


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