Grace opens for AAA’s SKY-HI in NY, broadcasts her entire Dallas set on V Live

Avex Group artist SKY-HI of J-pop group AAA is currently on his first world tour, and the Japanese singer/rapper invited Grace to open as his guest act for the New York tour stop.

This was notable mainly because Grace has also taken the opportunity to perform elsewhere in the US, most recently performing in Dallas where she broadcast the entire experience on V Live.

For those looking to skip around, the performance starts around 26:35. She performs her singles, which include I’m FineTrick Or Treat, and Zombie High,” but also her notable survival verse from ‘Unpretty Rapstar.’ There are a couple fun surprises to fill up empty space, with a never-performed self-penned song, “Excuses,” and a cover of BTS‘s hit song “Blood, Sweat, & Tears.”

Overall, I was impressed by how natural she was with such a small, intimate audience. That can get pretty awkward if you don’t have the right type of energy to push through and reach out to make things fun for people. Grace proved she had no problem doing just that, though.

Here’s hoping to hear more from her very soon.

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