Video of Taeyeon causing 3-car accident released, other 2 cars were stationary at red light

Taeyeon‘s recent 3-car accident has had a lot of drama going on between did she or didn’t she get preferential treatment and did she or didn’t she apologize to the victims of the accident she caused. I dunno what’s what, but the police have said alcohol wasn’t involved and nobody was seriously hurt, so the rest is secondary and I’ll just wait for the police report on that front.

Recently though, video of the accident was revealed and things went about as you’d expect after seeing the severity of the accident in pictures.

All I want to know is what the fuck she was doing. Nobody can be that bad of a driver that they just smash into two stationary cars stopped at a red light at that speed, so what happened? Did she pass out? Was she on the phone? It has to be something like that, right?


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