[Update] Taeyeon causes 3-car accident, apologizes through SME statement, is uninjured

SNSD‘s Taeyeon was involved in a three-car accident just hours ago, and a witness says her vehicle slammed into a taxi, which then caused the taxi to hit the car in front of it. Taeyeon complained of chest pains after the accident and was taken to a hospital, which is also where two passengers in the taxi and the driver of the other car ended up. Police will investigate the accident.

Hopefully everybody involved is fine, because suffice to say it was not exactly a fender bender.


SM Entertainment released a statement apologizing for Taeyeon causing the accident and clarifying that she’s uninjured, “Taeyeon caused an accident due to negligent driving. She is sorry to the other drivers/passengers, and we will do our best at handling further matters. Taeyeon has returned home and is resting. She isn’t injured. We’re sorry for worrying you.


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