Taeyeon’s car accident investigation results revealed by police, likely no criminal charges

After the three-car accident that Taeyeon caused, SM Entertainment apologized, and the police said they would be investigating. Well the police have now released the results of their investigation, in which Taeyeon admits fault and the police say there will be no criminal charges.

Taeyeon was summoned to the Gangnam Police Station on December 2 and was questioned for approximately 20 minutes, during which she admitted to being at fault for causing the accident as she was not paying attention to the road in front of her. The singer is also said to have stated that she is currently working with insurance companies to compensate the victims for the damages caused, and that she is making the effort to ensure a speedy recovery and compensation. She was also questioned about her dog that was in the car with her, which some alleged had been involved in causing the accident. Taeyeon is said to have stated, “Though I did have a three-month-old dog in the car with me, the dog was sleeping inside its crate. The dog had nothing to do with the accident.”

As the cause of the accident does not fall under the category of the “11 types of gross negligence” under the Act on Special Cases concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents and as the accident is being handled through comprehensive insurance, the case will most likely close with no prosecutions after the investigation is concluded.

Maybe a bit lucky to avoid a fine for admitting to not paying attention and slamming into stationary cars, but legally it was never going to be like reckless driving or something. That said, the police do say they haven’t spoken with all the victims yet since some are still undergoing treatment, so maybe minor stuff could change (a fine, maybe), but the major stuff seems to be settled at this point.

It’s important to remember that Taeyeon fucked up here and everybody involved is lucky it wasn’t worse. But it does appear to be an accident with no serious injuries in the end, and the rest of the back-and-forth mess over preferential treatment is more about the first responders than anything regarding Taeyeon.


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