[Event] Just Music actually brought out the whole crew to perform massive show in LA

At every concert ever, artists say the same damn thing in the mic at the end of the show: “I’ll be back! I promise!” But none of us can hold them to that shit, so we know we may never see them again, and that’s especially true with Korean hip-hop artists. So did I honestly expect Swings to come back? Nah. Did he, though? Yes, he sure as hell did. In fact, not only did Swings make good on his promise to return, but he brought his whole damn crew out with him for good measure. So of course I picked up my crew, grabbed my camera Empanada, and headed to the show.

The promoters touted over and over that they would be bringing over the entire crew, but we doubted that, because frankly no one ever brings literally everybody. No one. Well … uh, until this time. The crew from Just Music Entertainment descended on Los Angeles with a mission, and they delivered to a sold-out show at a venue packed wall-to-wall hip-hop fans ready for the heat. The roster was jam packed so hardcore there wasn’t even an opener. We went right into the show in full force as follows:

Osshun Gum
Han Yo Han
C Jamm
Genius Nochang
Just Music Entertainment

With tracks like Osshun Gum’s “Osshun Waves“, Han Yo Han’s “Kurt Cobain“, and then a collaboration GORETEXX, Black Nut, and Han Yo Han for “Silky Bois“, the audience was beyond crazy.

Black Nut rocked an ‘LA’ logo from the Dodgers painted on his forehead, stripped down to his PornHub t-shirt and basketball shorts, and bent over to tease the audience with his bony ass … so normal day for him.

Meanwhile, Giriboy rocked his signature round black-frame glasses, making the girls scream with “ZOA“.

The crowd went hard for his C Jamm’s “Puzzle“, his dreads flying as he became animated with the mic. BILL STAX then proved that he’s still dominating the mic with “Better“, “Chef“, and “Lotto“. Then entire crew came on to perform “Sushi” and a bunch of other tracks from the ‘We Effect‘ collab album and it was all just crazy overload. Every single Just Music artist was fire. Pure fire!

Finally, Genius Nochang took the stage dressed in Adidas and tactical gear, with a black hat pulled low over his eyes and his black mask pulled so high there wasn’t much of his face to see. However, the long column of his neck and collar bones sticking out from the half unzipped bomber jacket shimmered in the harsh stage light. He went out and performed “Ching Chang Chong” among other tracks from ‘My New Instagram: Mesurechiffon.’

I died. What a way to end an amazing show. Nothing’s gonna top this.

Thank you to WESKE Entertainment for bringing this show to LA, and thank you Swings and Just Music Entertainment for keeping that promise.

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