Comments Of The Day: Oh won’t somebody think of EXP Edition?

So the other day I covered EXP Edition‘s latest venture, “Stress, basically because I covered their start as a K-pop group borne out of a rather shitty thesis and how it made a bunch of K-pop fans angry for whatever reason. However, now things seem to have swung the other way, at least with some commenters on Asian Junkie.

And so on and so forth.

DAE think EXP Edition oppars are just as good as the rest of K-pop and the only reason they aren’t superstars in Korea yet is because of RACISM?!

Oh god, I’m choking from the laughter.

I can’t believe anybody is going down this road, man. Like who the fuck cares if they’re working hard? This is Bullshit Stan Defenses 101. Everybody works hard, doesn’t make them immune from criticism or jokes. Most importantly, nobody was hating on them because they’re not Korean, all anybody was saying is the song sucked and didn’t deserve much thought, the music video was awkward as hell, and that they butchered the Korean language. All fair in my eyes. Honestly, to leave this shit in Asian Junkie’s comments of all places is especially comical, because if what EXP Edition released was a comeback from EXO or BTS or any of the popular boy group, it would’ve gotten absolutely fucking trashed here.

The actual truth of the matter is that the only reason EXP Edition are getting any attention whatsoever is exactly that they’re a white boy band in Korea. That’s it. Because if “Stress” was released by any number of the dozens upon dozens of nugu boy groups from nugu companies, nobody would give a single shit about it much less care to defend it, nor would they even get an article from Asian Junkie since the only reason I’m covering it is because I covered the thesis project. But yeah, sure, these people should continue to treat them like they’re victims cause they’re white and making mediocre to shitty K-pop releases but aren’t getting universal praise for it or whatever the fuck is going on with this. There truly isn’t a roll of the eyes big enough.


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