‘Section TV’ trotted out Lee Sang Min to correct the false T-ara rumors they aired

Lee Sang Min recently apologized (sorta) for the false ‘Section TV‘ report that claimed Wang Sicong and Banana Culture had given T-ara cars and bought out their contracts by sending money to MBK Entertainment. Lee Sang Min clarified that the news was reported based on other reports and that their report needed to be corrected to reflect reality. Lee Sang Min also said that he will be more careful to fact check reports in the future.

Honestly, this is shameless as hell from ‘Section TV’, trotting Lee Sang Min out there as the scapegoat as if he was the one who made the decision to run with this bullshit or something. Doubly so since he seems close to Hyomin, and this makes it appear like he was the one that tried to spread horseshit about her.

Well, at least they acknowledged the mistake, I guess. But they can’t even do that without being shitty about it.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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