Kim Hyun Joong’s ex facing 16-month jail sentence in case of miscarriage fraud

About a year ago, Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex was charged with defamation and fraud over claims regarding an alleged miscarriage. Today, it was revealed that prosecutors would be seeking a sentence of 16 months in jail over those charges.

They are seeking a sentence of 1 year and 4 months for ‘A’ for attempted fraud. They took into account that ‘A’ forged her texts about pregnancy, that there are traces of tempering and editing on her photo of the pregnancy test, as well as the suing Kim Hyun Joong even though her claims that she had a miscarriage from violence were false. They also stated that her interviewing with media saying she had miscarried from assault was a strict case of spreading false information.

Fans of Kim Hyun Joong are going around celebrating this like it means oppar didn’t do anything shitty ever, but again, that’s not what’s being said here. Even I was skeptical about her claims of a miscarriage caused by abuse, and when these charges were brought against her a year ago, I pointed that out.

It seems important to note that this relates to the alleged miscarriage, which was always in doubt even to me. As much as I reiterated that this admitted domestic abuser was a piece of shit, I also thought it was possible she was making up stuff about the earlier pregnancy and miscarriage, perhaps to get back at him for abuse.

Basically, his ex got caught allegedly trying to extort $1.6 million out of KHJ for a pregnancy/miscarriage that didn’t happen, and if that ends up being proven true in court, then she’s gonna have to face the consequences for it.

Still, none of that changes anything else about the saga, which has consistently outed Kim Hyun Joong as quite terrible.


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