YG paid debts for Lee Juno to help him avoid going to jail after sexual assault & fraud cases

It was recently revealed that YG paid Seo Taiji & Boys group member Lee Juno‘s debts in order to help him avoid jail after being sentenced to time in relation to a sexual assault and fraud case.

Like I realize he was a group mate and all that, but dude is also an absolute mess. The sexual assault charges stem from him molesting two women in a club and hitting the owner of said club.

The victims reported to the police that Lee Juno approached them while drunk and grabbed them from behind. Although they tried to avoid him, Lee Juno repeatedly approached them, touching their breasts, back, and other parts of their body. According to the police, when Lee Juno was escorted from the premises by club employees, he hit the owner of the club, as well.

The fraud charges stem from borrowing around $140,000 from two people and not paying them back.

Lee Juno was also accused of borrowing 165,000,000 won (approximately $140,000) each from “A” and “B” without repaying the loans.

And none of that even takes into consideration the worst offense of the bunch, in which Lee Juno avoided jail time back in 2002 for rape thanks to a settlement.

A similar incident occurred in 2002. After drinking at a night club with a woman in her 20s, he took her back to his recording studio, where he sexually assaulted her. The prosecution at the time, in consideration of a settlement between the victim and Lee Juno, decided to stay proceedings.

Prior to YG helping him out, Lee Juno faced 18 months in prison.

As a result of the trial, the court sentenced Lee Juno to an imprisonment term for one year and six months, 40 hours of treatment at a program for sexual violence, and 10 years of having his personal information registered.

Now, however, he faces just probation.

As a result, Lee Juno was able to evade a prison sentence for being guilty in two separate criminal charges. Instead, he has been sentenced to one year and 2 months of possible prison time if he commits any more crimes in the next 2 years. Lee Juno’s second trial also sentenced Lee Juno to 120 hours of community service, as well as 40 hours of sexual violence program treatment.

People defend YG despite him grooming his wife and stuff, basically because he’s YG Entertainment‘s public face and his artists say they love him and fans love his artists, but … yeesh. Not the best look.


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