YGE reportedly to debut a girl group from ‘MIXNINE’ as well because of course

Despite the boy group from ‘MIXNINE predictably beating the girl group, YG Entertainment reportedly has a plan to debut a girl group from the show anyway.

On January 31, an insider revealed the label is getting ready to launch a girl group from ‘Mix Nine’ participants. The ‘Top 9’ members of the girl team are in order from 1st to 9th: Shin Ryu Jin, Lee Soo Min, Park Soo Min, Jun Hee Jin, Nam Yoo Jin, Choi Moon Hee, Kim So Ri, Jang Hyo Kyung, and Lee Ha Young. According to reports, YG Entertainment will be meeting with possible members of the upcoming girl group in early February to negotiate contracts.

Note that it doesn’t say it’ll be those nine, just that it’ll be a girl group from the show.

To fans of girls from the show who assumed they would be free … I’m sorry. He’ll likely take my wife Hayoung of PLAYBACK, so I understand.


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