YMC claim Kang Daniel & Yuk Ji Dam were just friends, threaten same legal action that has been totally effective against sasaengs

After rapper KASPER seemed to confirm that Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel of WANNA ONE had a bit of a thing like Yuk Ji Dam claimed after reading a role-play fanfiction (yes, really), YMC Entertainment issued a statement clarifying that the two were just friends in the past and threatened to take legal action against rumors.

YMC Entertainment said, “We are issuing this statement for the fan posts related to our label artist that is becoming an issue today. We will take strong legal action against rumors and false information that is being spread with a past friendship as the reason.”

Intimidating stuff from the company, especially since you know they’ll follow through because they’ve done so well at scaring off WANNA ONE’s insane fandom and sasaengs into not doing fucked up stuff over and over.


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