Yuk Ji Dam claims role play account is stalking her & says she dated Kang Daniel, KASPER sorta confirms the latter

Yuk Ji Dam, KASPER, and Kang Daniel of WANNA ONE are three names I didn’t think would be involved in a mess together, but thanks to a fanfiction-writing role-playing account, that’s where we’re at now. Yes, really.

So basically, Yuk Ji Dam called out a role player as being a stalker because something the role player wrote in a fanfiction was what Yuk Ji Dam claims Kang Daniel told her in real life when they dated.

She posted screenshots of a blog that wrote a sort of fanfiction. The blog consists of posts that are made by a ‘pretend Kang Daniel’, which is popular among many fandoms. However, Yook Ji Dam claimed that the blogger was a stalker and accused her of writing the story between her and Kang Daniel. One of the lines that she specifically pointed out was the line, “Spring.. You’re like a cold winter when you don’t smile, but like a warm spring when you do”, claiming Kang Daniel had said that directly to her.

This shocked a lot of people since it came out of seemingly nowhere, and paired with her erratic writing made people think she was drunk or delusional. However, Yuk Ji Dam insisted that everything was true.

When some alarmed fans asked her if she was all right (as her post was full of typos and nonsensicalities), she stated she was not delusional and that everything was true. She later claimed that Wanna One was not responding to her, but then later deleted all her posts related to the controversy.

In a convo with a WANNA ONE fan that followed, Yuk Ji Dam claimed she had proof they dated.

In a DM with a Wannable who asked, “Do you have proof that you dated? Do you have proof?” The rapper answered, “I have a sh*t ton.”

In Yuk Ji Dam’s latest post, she basically tells people to stop bothering her.

“I’m not the one who has to leave feedback, but those people instead. Stop writing harsh words if you don’t know it all. Ah, I don’t know it all either. Please appear… Stop… playing.. I’m getting mad. I don’t know what’s going on from the start to the end. Everyone has a story, whether it’s their pains or not, so just leave me alone for now.”

Okay, so all that was a bit confusing and made Yuk Ji Dam appear as if she was randomly making shit up. However, to clarify things because she knows both parties, KASPER decided to get involved and sorta confirmed that Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel had a bit of a thing, but says it has been over and she doesn’t know what’s going on with Yuk Ji Dam now.

“After debating for a long time, because it seemed that so much false information were being exchanged back and forth, and in order to provide some better insight to everyone including Wanna One fans, Kang Daniel fans, those who are concerned for Ji Dam, and those who are deriding her on Instagram, I am writing these few words. About 2 years ago, I invited Kang Daniel who was a trainee at the time to a party with my acquaintances. (I went to the same tutoring school as him since we were young in Busan). Ji Dam was also at this party, and they got to know each other there. They are around the same age, and the atmosphere had everyone getting to know one another better, so they ended up meeting up with some more friends after that party, and some time after that, I heard from them that they were keeping touch with good feelings. Not long after that, the MMO Entertainment trainees became busy preparing for ‘Produce 101’ with filming schedules and practices, and to my understanding, Daniel settled things with Ji Dam with no hard feelings because he wanted to focus on practicing, thinking that it might be his last chance, and so it would prove difficult to keep in touch under the circumstances. Even when they met at a shop after his debut, they only greeted each other professionally, and I believe it was not possible for them to have more personal communication than that. I do not know why she captured and posted those blog posts, and I do not understand why she has so many spelling and typing errors that it is impossible to comprehend her, and it’s difficult to communicate with her right now. But one certain thing is that it doesn’t feel like the blog content was written with the two’s relationship in mind. Because I am not Ji Dam herself, I can’t explain her strange words or situation, but as someone who introduced the two of them, I hope there will be some lessening of the speculations which cause harm.”

I don’t know what to say.

It’s 2018 and the most popular member of the group with the most rabid fandom has been revealed to have dated because of a role-playing fanfiction.


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