Yuk Ji Dam’s dad chimes in on daughter’s mess with Kang Daniel, confirms KASPER’s account

In a throwback to #TeamSchadenfreude scandals of yore, Yuk Ji Dam’s dad has now entered the fray regarding the mess his daughter created with Kang Daniel of WANNA ONE, as he commented on the relationship the pair had with each other that was exposed by Yuk Ji Dam getting pissed at a role-playing fanfiction. Not sure why he commented, but he basically confirms KASPER‘s explanation of the events.

Yuk Ji Dam’s father also spoke up about the issue on his daughter’s behalf, who currently does not have an agency. He told Sports Chosun, “The whole situation is getting messy, but I can’t really explain why Ji Dam decided to post those things. As far as I know, the relationship between [Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel] is what Kasper described it to be.”

Now we got family members getting involved. This is a proper clusterfuck.

All I know is that we can only trust the word of whatever nugu rapper friend of one of the involved that comes out with their story next.


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