Company of ROMEO’s Milo issues apology for controversy involving inviting an underage fan to a hotel

ROMEO‘s Milo has been receiving backlash recently for a controversy involving him inviting a fan to head to a hotel with him alone, with the said fan being underage as well according to Dispatch. Well today, his company CT Entertainment has issued an apology for his actions, put him on hiatus, and says he will reflect.

On February 20, Romeo’s agency CT Entertainment, “We sincerely apologize that the recent unsavory events have caused fans worry. Milo is currently deeply reflecting on his immature actions as a public figure, and he’ll be taking time to himself. We’ll do our best to prevent any unsavory events in the future.”

Well, at least the minority of people can stop pretending it was completely preposterous to believe the report even thought she somehow magically had unseen selcas of him.

Feel bad for the rest of the members, though.


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