The comments on the article about Hyoeun talking about STELLAR disbanding are suspect as hell

Sorry for using that picture of STELLAR‘s Hyoeun, but fucking goddamn. Buddy.

Anyway, when I covered her perfectly summarizing the feeling of most about STELLAR disbanding, I didn’t think she said anything provocative given all the bullshit The Entertainment Pascal put them through. However, apparently some “netizens” felt differently about her rather innocuous comments.

1. [+648, -40] Look at her betray her CEO when he’s the one who worked his butt off to get Stellar a chance at fame. He took out loans, sold his house, lived in rentals before even using that key money to invest everything in them. Wow, it’s wrong of her to talk about him like that. His entire life was ruined because of them.
2. [+542, -49] You do realize that you would’ve never even been able to had a chance at being a singer let alone get on TV without that agency? It’s funny how people always act like the victim in the end when they were the ones who stripped down and showed skin in hopes of their own fame
3. [+518, -60] I’ve rarely seen people do well after talking sh*t about the companies they quit…
4. [+55, -7] The only mistake your CEO made was casting you guys. He lost all his investments because you guys never made it and now you’re talking sh*t about him behind his back? tsk tsk tsk
5. [+44, -4] At least your agency even got your name known through those concepts. If any of you had any variety skills or exceptional talent, do you think you would’ve failed this hard? I’m actually amazed that your agency kept investing in you all this time
6. [+33, -6] If you read the interview, she’s not talking bad about the company. She talks about how she wanted to continue Stellar by adding two new members but the company just disbanded them and Hyoeun had to accept it.
7. [+29, -5] We don’t know what happened on the inside but if I were a CEO, I would’ve never cast you. You never looked like you had star potential.
8. [+28, -5] You’re better off finding a 9 to 5 job…
9. [+23, -2] Acting like the victim ㅋㅋㅋ you’re the one that showed all that skin because you were so desperate for fame and now what? ㅋㅋ You think netizens are really dumb enough to believe you and sympathize?
10. [+20, -5] In the end, they never made it because the members never had any talent or charms. Singing? Blah. Dancing? Nothing powerful, just a lot of swaying around. Looks? Average. Charms? Never saw any. Can’t write lyrics, can’t compose songs, can’t rap. I would actually be surprised if Stellar ever did make it with how little they had to offer.

I put netizens in quotation marks because while I could definitely believe netizens who comment on articles like this truly are this stupid and/or didn’t read the article as Commenter #6 suggests, the outright support for the company struck me as … suspect. I’m not saying it’s TEP shills … I’m just saying.



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