SME is doing an event where fans can spend a 9-hour flight with their faves for ~$3600

SM Entertainment is doing an event where sasaeng fans will be allowed to pay in order to have a fanmeeting on a flight, which fans are understandably uncomfortable with.

The problem with this, of course, is that they’re putting idols in an enclosed space exclusively with fans crazy enough to pay exorbitant prices for a flight, which is essentially justifying sasaeng behavior.

1. SM pushed a new event on Twitter
It basically allows fans to have a fan meeting with SM’s artist. By taking the same plane as them, one ticket is around 4M won (~3600$)
2. The issue is that the trajectory is from Dubai to Japan, and it’ll take 9 hours
The idols will have their full makeup on and won’t be able to rest while dealing with the fans.
3. Since this includes the SMtown concert, there is a great chance that they’ll be able to meet every SM artist

This is just a terrible idea, honestly.


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