TS Entertainment threatens legal action against Jieun, don’t want her escaping the dungeon

Jieun recently announced that she was a former SECRET member after her contract with TS Entertainment was declared invalid, but TSE recently made a statement saying that Jieun uniliterally decided on all this by herself and that they will take legal action if she does activities.

“While they were actively carrying out group promotions, the Secret members had expressed their desire to pursue individual activities. In positive accordance with their thoughts, we supported their activities but while under exclusive contract, one of the members cut off contact. We asked her to honor her exclusive contract, and requested she conscientiously fulfill both her individual and Secret’s group activities. In the midst of this, we learned about one member’s unilateral announcement made on social media about her departure from the group and the dissolution of her contract. In order to find out the truth, we checked if this had been discussed with the Secret members beforehand, but we have discovered the other members had been unaware of her departure and were very shocked to learn about what was written above. In line with the mutually agreed-upon exclusive contracts, if the Secret members express their desire to promote as a group now, then we will do our best for group promotions like in the past. If they wish to release music or be active in other ways, we have the intention of preparing for and carrying out [their wishes] at any time. However, if they continue to carry out unauthorized activities that have not been agreed upon with us, we would like to inform that we will actively respond with severe legal action. Furthermore, in regards to what one member claimed about the invalidity of her contract, we would like to explicitly state that this is not the final ruling given by the courts. We would once again like to bow our heads in apology to the many people who have been keeping an eye on this agency and its artists that such trouble has arisen.”

SECRET hasn’t released anything since 2014 and the company seems broke as hell with the payment stuff coming up yet again, so TSE are appear to be threatening legal action to reinforce their contract more than any bullshit about group loyalty or interest in letting the members do anything. Basically it comes off like they just want the right to have Jieun (and the rest) do jackshit until her contract ends.



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