Nam Goong Yeon faced with 3rd accusation of sexual harassment, reportedly had wife call 1st accuser

Drummer Nam Goong Yeon now faces his third accusation of sexual harassment, with one accuser saying it escalated into sexual assault, and his second since vehemently denying the charges and threatening legal action.

Woman ‘C’ also revealed that she had worked with Nam Goong Yeon in the late 1990s, and had experienced similar things as the other two women. She said, “It’s not too late to apologize even now.”

Furthermore, the original accuser claimed in an interview with Channel A that Nam Goong Yeon’s wife called her to try and get her to work things out privately.

‘A’ had a voice-only interview with Channel A, where she re-affirmed her previous statements. She revealed that Nam Goong Yeon’s wife had actually called her after she made a post, and revealed the recording of the call she’d made. The wife said, “I thought you wouldn’t pick up if my husband called. My husband to do whatever possible to make you feel better before things get worse. Why don’t you meet with us and talk about what made you angry?” She said the call made her feel bad because the wife was crying, but then when she saw the articles where he denied it all, she thought to herself, “It was all a show. I was stupid for being shaken.”

Uh, yikes.

After responding following the initial accusation, he has thus far remained silent on the rest. This appears to be following an increasingly frequent pattern.


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