Don Malik claims agency forced him to apologize for sexual harassment, agency denies

A few weeks ago, Don Malik got booted from his record label Daze Alive after issuing an apology for sexually harassing a fan that was a high school student. However, recently Don Malik has come out and claimed that his company forced him to apologize.

Hello. This is Don Malik. The post got deleted so I’m posting again. I want to talk about what was written on Twitter by two women recently. First, one of the women wrote about having sex with me on Twitter in a way that it sounded like I asked for it forcefully, and how it made her sad among other things, saying things that made me seem like a sexual assaulter. However, this woman is someone of my age who had a normal, consensual sex with me. On the KakaoTalk messages exchanged after we had sex, she said that the encounter was ‘good’ not ‘sad.’ She even complimented me comparing me to other men she had sex with. It’s an embarrassing and private conversation, but I am presenting it in an effort to show the truth. The second woman who posted on Twitter talked about a time when she stayed at my place for two days and claimed to have been molested and that I had some big personality issues, saying that the incident cause her to cry and feel sad. However, this woman stayed over at my house by choice and had normal skinship with me out of her own free will. This woman exchanged texts with me after she left saying she was in a good mood, how I was warm to her, how it felt like a dream. I am also making the texts exchanged on that day public. These women had consensual contact with me under normal circumstances, but despite that changed their tune and acted like I forced them into sexual situations or touching on social media. They used jokes and parts of conversations in a way that is most advantageous to them and maliciously made it seem like they were revealing me to be a problematic person. Because of this, I was publicly marked as a sexual assaulter and put a stop to my future music career as well as my position as a part of society. After the story first broke on Twitter, I followed the wishes of my company and put up message of apology accepting the accusations as true, but this was because it was such a shocking situation and I was overwhelmed by my first experience of being entangled in a situation where I was being attacked, so I accepted the accusations despite it not being true. I can’t stand to falsely remain a sexual assaulter so in an effort to reveal the truth of this situation I have decided to report the two women under the charges of defamation. I’m sorry to have disappointed the fans and others who believed in me. Please believe in me and wait a little longer. I will take the necessary legal steps and get to the truth. Thank you.

So there wasn’t just one accusation made against Don Malik, but two, as after the initial sexual harassment allegation he was subsequently accused of sexual assault as well. In regards to the sexual assault, he claims that the sex was consensual and mentions that she was the same age as him. In regards to the sexual harassment that he apologized for, he claims there was consensual skinship, and notably didn’t clarify her age, so it seems likely the fan was actually a high school student. Of course, he has now retracted that apology and now plans to sue both women for defamation to clear his name.

In a thread on Twitter, Daze Alive responded to Don Malik, not only denying that they forced him to apologize, but claiming he admitted to the sexual assault as well.

On Friday at 7 PM, Don Malik posted on Instagram and revealed that he reported his accusers for defamation and included the texts exchanged with the women. In many cases, victims of sexual crimes realize that they were victimized after some time has passed, and once they do realize it they suffer psychologically. This is especially so when the perpetrator is someone their idolize, like when the relationship is between an artist and a fan. We are skeptical to see that he put up material from a time when the victims may not yet have come to terms with what they actually experienced as though they serve as evidence of innocence. It is also untrue that Don Malik accepted the accusations and apologized at the request of the label, as if we didn’t give enough time to defend himself. After the tweet went up on February 21, we conversed for two hours via chats, phone calls, and conferences. At that time, Don Malik accepted everything the tweet accused him of and he said he would take full responsibility as he left the company. He also accepted the accusations that came up the day after and we have records of everything. We are angered to read how he mentions how the alleged victim, who is the same age as he is, acted with free will and knowledge in the same breath that he claims he was ‘too young’ to deal with his situation and ‘helplessly accepted the blame’ as a result. In addition, we would like to send condolences to the victims who must be in shock and agony after this incident.

Seems noteworthy that Daze Alive go out of their way here to stick up for the accusers while claiming they have all of Don Malik’s admissions on record.

As such, more will likely be revealed if Don Malik is serious about the legal direction he claims to want to take this. But honestly, even his defense doesn’t deny that he was fooling around with a high school student fan, which doesn’t exactly help his credibility when he’s publicly admitted to sexually harassing her. I also don’t understand how he’s so outraged now about being labeled a sexual predator when he publicly apologized for being a sexual predator. Yes, he claims he was tricked into doing that, but him copping to a sex crime he didn’t commit while supposedly under pressure from a company that was going to give him the boot anyway doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Well, we’ll see if anything else happens with this going forward.


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