‘MIXNINE’ winning group members could be replaced by YG due to contract dispute

Last time we left off in the ‘MIXNINE‘ saga, some agencies of the winning group understandably balked at YG‘s contract proposal due to its length.

Now it’s reported that YG intends to provide updated plans to the agencies of the group members in mid-April. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, then those members may be replaced by a contestants that ranked 10-20 on ‘MIXNINE’, who YG reportedly views them as substitutes. Due to this contingency plan of YG, the debut of the ‘MIXNINE’ group itself is unlikely to be cancelled.

While I suppose replacing members of the ‘MIXNINE’ group would be less ridiculous that cancelling the debut of the group entirely, it’s ridiculous that this is even a thing.


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