Video evidence of Chinese sajaegi factories in action sent to eDaily

Media outlet eDaily recently published an exclusive report where they show how there are sajaegi factories in China, evidence for which they acquired through videos they were sent.

The videos show a Chinese company streaming a female singer’s song through multiples of different devices. Another video features a broker explaining how to log into to music sites through multiple IDs. The videos were taken by the brokers themselves to show proof to their customers, showing that the process they paid for is indeed happening. A broker told eDaily, “There are sajaegi factories operating in China’s Dalian, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Dandong. The brokers don’t approach customers. Most of the time, they’re hired first.” Currently, these brokers use an illegal application that can make 30-50 IDs through one device. 200-300 devices can be used to create over 10,000 IDs. The video that eDaily received clearly showed the IDs easily being created and manipulated.

There can’t be a single person surprised that this goes on, but still, perhaps the most bizarre thing is that it matters enough in Korean music culture (in particular) for chart manipulation on this scale to be a business venture.


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