Park Bom gives interview on drug controversy, basically explains ADHD & Adderall

Park Bom‘s drug controversy has become all the rage yet again after PD Notebook‘ featured it in a recent episode. As such, she decided to give an exclusive interview to Sports Kyunghyang to address the ongoing mess.


To begin, she denied ever having done drugs recreationally.

She began, “An acquaintance contacted me, so I watched ‘PD Notebook’ with my parents. They seem to be immune to the word ‘drugs’ now as they only sighed. It’s so difficult seeing my parents like that. When the drug reports were first released, they asked, ‘Did you really do it?’ but now they just sigh.”mShe continued, “If I had done drugs even once, I would not feel that it is unfair hearing such things. I really have never done drugs. I did get investigated but I was not charged.”

She then goes on to explain that she was diagnosed with ADHD (ADD is sort of an outdated term), which is what the Adderall was for.

Park Bom then explained, “I have a personal illness. I have had to take medication since my middle school and high school days. It is ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which is an illness not well-known in Korea. Edison, the king of invention, also had this illness. The name of the disorder has recently become known, but there is no correct medication for it, so I take medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). As it is not the right medication for it, it is difficult to endure the disorder.” “I became known as a drug smuggler when I brought in Adderall. In the United States, it is a common medication used for the treatment of illnesses like the one I have. It is something that happened partially due to my ignorance during the process of bringing it in, but it’s frustrating that people say that this medication is 100 percent amphetamines. Calling it drugs, but isn’t it something I can’t not take to treat my illness?”

The rest consisted of her responding to bizarre rumors about her age and expressing various personal sentiments about all this.


Korean netizens have been reacting to this shit as expected, but international netizens are also raging at basically anybody who dares suggest that she doesn’t deserve to have the book thrown at her. Apparently everybody who doesn’t think she should be jailed is a stan or something. Well, not only am I not her stan, I don’t even like or care about her much beyond this issue if I’m being honest.

What I do care about is mental health issues, and when you boil this mess down, it’s a case where people are essentially pulling their hair out because somebody got effective treatment for their mental disorder. Again, I understand that in the strict interpretation of the law her case may have deserved to be seen through instead of dropped and that comparable cases may have been handled differently. But I feel like the anger should be directed both towards the laws that prevent members of the general public from getting the most effective mental health treatments and whatever potential injustice that others suffered at the hands of the law because they were not celebrities. You know, as opposed to people working their ass off to make sure that nobody gets the treatment they need going forward.

Like okay, jail Park Bom … and then what? People are still getting fucked over and not getting the kinds of help they need. So … congrats?


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