After School’s Kaeun is reportedly another center for ‘Produce 48’

A few weeks after it was reported that Miyawaki Sakura of AKB48/HKT48 was a center on ‘Produce 48‘, now there’s a report saying that After School member Kaeun is another.

On May 3, an industry representative reported, “In the recent center position selection for Mnet’s ‘Produce 48,’ After School’s Kaeun was chosen for the Korean center position.” According to representatives, Kaeun placed first of the Korean trainees and will split the center position with the Japanese contestant Miyawaki Sakura for the first performance, with each one being in the center for a different verse. In response to the reports, a source from “Produce 48” commented, “We cannot comment on the contestants and the selection of the center position.”

Can you imagine the teary mess that would go down if Kahi was involved in this?


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