BABYMETAL start US leg of tour, but Yui-Metal’s unannounced absence was the big news

As mentioned when they released “Distortion” yesterday, BABYMETAL started the Stateside leg of their tour last night in Kansas City, and judging by the accounts of those who went it was a great time. Unfortunately, the big news to come out of that is Yui-Metal didn’t appear and instead two backup dancers took her place.

In itself that isn’t alarming, as her absence could be for any variety of reasons. However, what made it unacceptable to most (and understandably so) is that Amuse didn’t bother to make anybody aware of the situation. It just comes off as shady as hell when they can’t even clarify why one member of a trio is missing, especially when they continue to sell tickets as if that isn’t the case, and just continue on like they’re expecting fans to just … what? Not notice?

I think people would understand if they would just communicate, but the lack of that is only making fans speculate and panic. Other than being unethical, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Amuse.


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