BAP withdraw from 2018 Dream Concert due to vague ‘internal issues’ with TSE

TS Entertainment announced recently that BAP have withdrawn from 2018 Dream Concert due to the vague-ass reason of ‘internal issues’.

According to B.A.P’s agency, TS Entertainment, the group was scheduled to perform at the event, but decided after consultation to cancel the performance due to internal issues at the agency. In a statement, TS Entertainment and B.A.P stated, “This was a difficult decision, so we ask for your understanding” and “We promise to return with an even better performance in the future.”

I mean, TSE has had to deal with their founder & CEO dying as well as contract drama with Hyosung and Jieun recently, but TRCNG haven’t withdrawn yet that I can tell so it seems BAP specific.

I guess BAP getting fucked over by TSE shouldn’t be surprising at this point.


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