Hyori and Lee Jin reportedly to be in the same room for a private Fin.K.L reunion

Fin.K.L are having a reunion of sorts at Hyori‘s home, as all four members are planning to be in Jeju Island, according to a report by Sports Seoul. Most importantly, this includes Lee Jin and requires her to presumably at least temporarily make nice with Hyori, which is significant since they once got in hair pulling fights and it’s widely assumed their passive dislike for each other is why Fin.K.L can’t reunite for nostalgia shows.

A source said, “With the exception of Lee Hyori who lives in Jeju Island, the members recently met in Seoul with acquaintances. Jeju Island, where Lee Hyori lives, naturally came up and they were planning to go there.” In response to this report, a source from Fin.K.L stated, “We saw the report that said Fin.K.L members are visiting Lee Hyori’s home. However, we’re aware that it has not yet been finalized and it’s difficult to confirm the details since it’s a personal matter.”

May 12 will be the 20th anniversary of the group, so it would make some sense why they would meet up at least.


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