WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel eats bacon raw, which … wait, what?

WANNA ONE‘s Kang Daniel recently decided to out the fact that he loves to eat raw bacon while he guested on ‘It’s Dangerous Outside The Blankets‘.

On the May 11 airing of MBC’s ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets’, Kang Daniel, Jang Kiha, and LOCO gathered in the kitchen to prepare meals. Kang Daniel suddenly reached over to the bacon and started eating them raw. Jang Kiha and LOCO were shocked and asked, “You just eat that like that?” Kang Daniel nonchalantly replied, “Don’t people eat it like this some time? It’s like eating the ham out of the Kimbop.”

If the bacon is cured and smoked, then he kinda has a point. But I’m guessing it’s just processed shit from the supermarket, which … I mean Columbus took a chance.

Debate about safety aside, it’s definitely fucking bizarre. Shit is slimy as hell. Oh god, the raw texture is in my mind and now it’s in my mouth. Goddammit.


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