FIESTAR are done as a group, which was expected but unfortunate

FIESTAR are the latest group to fall to the seven-year curse, which is less a curse and more of an indictment of how few groups are able to remain relevant in the fast-evolving pop culture world.

On May 15, various sources from the industry reported that the girl group’s contract with Fave Entertainment came to an end on April 30. Cao Lu is the only member in talks to renew, and the rest have left the agency. A source from Fave Entertainment confirmed the news, saying that their contracts with Linzy, Jei, Yezi, and Hyemi expired last month, but Cao Lu still has some time left on her contract. Linzy and Jei signed with other agencies to pursue acting careers, while Yezi and Hyemi are currently planning out their next steps. Cao Lu’s contract with Fave Entertainment will expire at the end of May.

Seems to me like the only reason Cao Lu is still there is because her contract expires later and she’ll likely move on to a company that can handle variety stuff better.

I always liked the group and thought they had enough to breakthrough. The visuals (especially Jei and Linzy) were quality, the vocal talent was enough (Hyemi, in particular), they were a rare girl group that had a rapper recognized as legit by the public (Yezi), they also had a variety show star (Cao Lu), and they were under the same company as IU (Fave Entertainment). I can’t even recall any scandals they had to impact public image.

Still, despite releases I did like, I guess they never got the attention they needed and ended up as seemingly far less than the sum of their parts.


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