Nilo may get real-time charts removed, which would make him an industry legend/hero

Nilo‘s entertaining sajaegi mess and the subsequent outcry against it by huge fandoms was something I was grateful for as it was, but the blowback against him may actually lead to change within the industry. The Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism (MCST) recently met with officials from the music streaming services in Korea to get their ideas on how to combat sajaegi, and changing the real-time and five-minute charts is being strongly considered, with complete removal being an option.

If that is the end result, then Nilo is doing humanity a favor, as it’s K-pop fandoms who manipulate charts to begin with and generally make a mess about it everywhere for bragging rights (“all-kill”, “perfect all-kill”, or whatever shit) about who outsold or flopped and what not.

One thing that will never happen since these services still lean on fandoms for subscriptions but that I would like to see done is them getting rid of the daily chart as well. I’d like maybe a monthly and yearly chart just to get a feel for who’s popular and listen to what others liked that I may have missed, and I feel like those are significant enough time frames that could actually put a damper on the enthusiasm of most in fandoms if they know they can’t get immediate and/or temporary feedback.

Nilo, a true legendary figure that’s here to change the Korean music industry for the better. Thank you, oppar.


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