BLACKPINK drop “Forever Young” dance practice, fans dig up 2015 video featuring the song

After dropping the dance practice to “DDU-DU DDU-DU the other day, BLACKPINK have now released a dance practice for their album track, “Forever Young“.

I can confirm that it’s still difficult to not think of Rod Stewart when seeing that song title.

Perhaps most importantly though, fans dug up this video from 2015 of a person going through the YG Entertainment building and “Forever Young” was playing in the background. So apparently the song was just … there for the past three years.

РЕБЯТА ВОТ ОНО!!!! WHO IS NEXT 21 NOVEMBER?????????У здания YG Entertainment около 40 минут был один и тот же отрывок этой, насколько мне известно, неизвестной песни?? Сначала подумала, что это возможно станут наши 2NE1, но очень достоверный источник @os_alina доказала, что такой песни у них никогда не было? Ждем результатов ?✨ We were just going though YG entertainment building and I was like “which song is it??” “2NE1?” “Noo, that’s voices are different” and idk who are they but I DO like this song! ?

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