‘Produce 48’ Episode 4: Group performances completed, setting up dramatic eliminations to come

We continue the ‘Produce 48‘ recaps with episode four, which resumes the drama stemming from the group performances and sets up the sure-to-be-messy eliminations.

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To begin, remember that you can watch entire fancams of individual members without Mnet editing here. Probably the best resource if you actually want to evaluate how contestants did.


Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

Sorry but I’m still laughing at how extra the editing is for Jang Gyuri‘s warble, though at this point I’m almost surprised they didn’t go even further. I think they ended up just using it to hype the next episode, as after the fancams were released, nobody seemed to have cared.


A fair result. Though I gotta admit, not a whole lot stood out about this besides the messy editing.

At some point Kaeun‘s fans have to come through, right? Also, losing Matsui Jurina is going to be a blow.

AOA – “Short Hair”

Takahashi Juri and the center position is another one of those things that the show seems to make dramatic for the sake of it. Like I agree it has the potential to be relevant, but often it seems painted as this life and death position and I’m not sure the voting ever bares that out. Mostly it’s important cause the show ends up giving you screen time.


I guess I pick the first team, but quite frankly I’m not all that into judging these things seriously because it’s kinda meaningless. Like this won’t be the final group, so while individual stuff can be gleaned from these performances, how they look as a unit is rather inconsequential. Honestly not even sure how much impact 1000 votes has anyway.

KARA – “Mamma Mia”

With groups like these I kinda understand the focus on the lack of standout vocal talents from international netizens, but given that there are a number of at least above-average ones who are popular, I don’t get the hand-wringing either. The songs of the final group will be popular based on the show’s success and whether it’s catchy or not, regardless of whether it’s a technically challenging song.


I preferred the first team’s performance, but Murakawa Bibian‘s expertly executed finale almost made me switch sides.


AKB48 – “High Tension”

Takeuchi Miyu continued to get about one second of screen time that wasn’t performances, but at least she’s making her shit count.

Honestly, I don’t think I would get too concerned with the way a lot of screen time has gone so far. Remember, this was shot before they really had any idea of who would emerge as favorites, so I think who gets filmed and edited after they rejoin will be a lot more telling of what Mnet has in their plans.


I actually thought this was probably the most fun pair of performances, as both teams were allowed to cut loose with energy a bit. Miyu’s adlibs were a standout, and Heo Yunjin was captivating as a center, so I gave it to them. I hate whoever pointed out that Yunjin looks like a maturer Hashimoto Kanna, by the way.


Probably the most controversial group for outside reasons.


Honestly, I’m not sure why people would complain about Soyu and Cheetah. Perhaps there was some editing involved in creating a narrative regarding the second team, but it’s difficult to envision other groups having a combination of the moments of laziness and unwillingness that made broadcast even possible to be compiled that way. They’re doing fine as judges/mentors/whatever. Nothing wrong with kicking some contestants in the ass, and I guarantee the shit is 100 times more mild than what actually happens behind closed doors at companies.


Memes aside, I’m not sure exactly what gave the second team the win. I guess there were a bunch of Korean otaku in the audience since other people were iffy on the show’s concept back when this was filmed. Then again, none of the Japanese members have ever been ranked in the senbatsu election, so it’s not exactly name recognition. Regardless, for mess purposes this was the ideal outcome.

You can see that messiness come to pass in the comments and shit. Like I don’t legit want Chiba Erii in the final group either, as I don’t think she brings much of anything to the table for me personally that like Yabuki Nako or somebody like that doesn’t already. That said, I find it amusing how many people on international sites are getting so pressed.

What? These people are confused as hell. Who cares about the comments that are on YouTube and in English? They mean literally nothing in terms of the show. It is hilarious to see complaining about Weeaboos bias made by Koreaboos, especially when they themselves don’t adhere to whatever their alleged standards are. They basically tell on themselves when they infer that if the final group is majority Japanese then it was obviously undeserved or something.

Like are they really rolling out bullshit along the lines of, “Miyawaki Sakura isn’t even that talented to be where she is either!” Like what in the fuck are you talking about? Was everybody in IOI the most talented and likeable person on ‘Produce 101‘? Nobody got in because people found them hot and wanted to yank it to them for “healthy porn? Really? Stop, man. Just say you’re pressed your faves aren’t where you want them to be. And come on, it’s reality television, ease the asshole a bit.

TWICE – “Ooh-Ahh”

Goto Moe is getting pushed hard in the show’s narrative, and I think I get why. She’s passable in both dance and vocals, and with training has upside potential in both areas. Her personality and work ethic seem unmessy and she fits a lot of Korean beauty standards in terms of both face and body, so it makes sense she would naturally draw attention from the audience.


Moe got the most votes, but the first team was better mostly through Park Haeyoon. Not sure if she brings anything else to the table yet besides vocals, but she could be the answer to any concerns in that regard.

IOI – “Very Very Very”

Look man, I’m just dying at the way they edited Bae Yoon Jung. As if she was saying, “Get the Serial Killer Pinky out of my face! Where’s my bitch, Sakura?!

Apparently Kim Choyeon gets a lot of hate for her looks, which is confusing cause that’s the main reason she stood out to me as Serial Killer Pinky.

Seriously though, what fucked them up most seemed to be the switching back-and-forth between roles. No other group did this for a reason, because learning all this shit in a limited amount of time is hard enough as it is, much less trying to pick up another part in a couple days.


No problem with the result, but I’m surprised at Ahn Yujin‘s lack of votes in helping them win. Also surprised at the apathy towards Lee Chaeyoung, Kwon Eunbi, and Kim Minju, as I figured they would be a lot more popular regardless of audience demographic.


Miyu covers “Shape Of You” and ends Ed Sheeran‘s career.

While not a critique of doing this in any way, I was thinking that this might end up being the real advantage of already having debuted. You know, having control over social media and what not.

Again, Nakanishi Chiyori needs a variety show appearance.


Erii is actually the meme GOAT.



Overall rankings were not announced, only rankings from the group performances.

Eliminations are coming, bitches. Mnet is gonna make this a whole-ass mess. Guaranteed. I am excite.

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