A team on ‘Produce 48’ is getting drowned in dislikes for picking on the weaklings

The latest drama from ‘Produce 48‘ is something I didn’t even notice at the time because … I mean, it’s a reality show. Anyway, as you know, on the last episode the girls picked groups and then their opponents, and the battle of BLACKPINK‘s “Boombayah” got heated … at least it did online.

So basically, people are pissed that Team 1 (consisting of all Korean contestants) picked on Team 2 (consisting of four Japanese and two Korean contestants) to get what many consider an easy win, and most of the hate at the moment is directed at Team 1 leader Lee Chaejeong for making the call.

We know people are mad because the likes to dislikes ratio on their YouTube group performance fancams right now are nuts.

Kim Sohee

Won Seoyeon

Park Chanju

Ko Yujin

Lee Chaejeong

It ranges from relatively positive to absolutely drowned, seemingly based on perceived culpability.

I dunno man, this is silly to me. It’s a dog eat dog world, and if anything I appreciate Chaejeong providing the villain angle we desperately needed. Was it smart knowing how the public would perceive it and how Mnet would pounce on the chance to edit it? No. Do I dislike her for it? Fuck no and nobody reasonable should either.

So much for the reality show trope, I guess?

Honestly laughing at the visual of the Mnet editors seeing Chaejeong’s confessional for the first time, though. Probably unzipped.


Here are the rest of the individual fancams for the group performance battles, as well as their popularity on Naver. Things are relatively normal for the most part … except for Yabuki Nako leapfrogging everybody. She’s gonna be Top 12 next week for sure.

Group Battle Performances from Produce48

Solo Cams Naver Likes and Data Comparison from Produce48


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