Studio head in Yang Ye Won case jumps into river & leaves suicide note, police say 8 alleged victims have now come forward

The studio head that was accused in the Yang Ye Won sexual abuse case is being searched for by authorities after he reportedly jumped into the river in a suicide attempt, having left a suicide note in his car.

On July 9 at around 9 a.m. KST, a pedestrian called in to the Namyangju Police station to report that “a person got out of their car and jumped [in the river].” According to the police investigations, the car belonged to the owner of the studio related to the Yang Ye Won scandal. Police also found a suicide note written by the studio owner.

The suicide note says the reason he did it is because his situation was unfair. Police note that two more alleged victims had come forward against the studio head recently.

In the suicide note, the studio owner felt the situation was unfair. The police assumed that because two more victims submitted complaints on July 5 in the middle of this situation where the owner was going through an investigation already, the studio owner made the drastic choice due to feeling some psychological burdens. The police were planning on calling the studio owner for the 6th round of investigations at 10 a.m. KST this day. A source from the police regretfully said, “We called the owner in for the 5th round of investigations on July 6. We did not exchange harsh words nor was the atmosphere oppressive.” The studio owner’s suicide note included his opinions that the reports regarding the scandal were biased and that the models were lying.

At this point it seems relevant to note that the studio head has already been fined for inappropriately touching a model in 2017 and was previously accused in 2008 as well.

While the previously known amount of accusers was four, they now total eight, and there are seven suspects.

According to the police, including the studio owner, there are seven suspects complicit in the Yang Ye Won scandal and eight victims who have filed complaints.

A source from the police revealed that “after proceeding with more investigations for one of the suspects, we will send the suspects of the case to the public prosecutor’s office.”

Likely due to the amount of suspects remaining, as well as alleged victims continuing to come forward, the investigation will continue on. While the studio head’s presumed death is unfortunate, it’s definitely reasonable to be skeptical of the contents of his suicide note given his aforementioned past and the number of alleged victims.


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