Studio head from Yang Ye Won case was fined for touching model in 2017, also accused in 2008

Yang Ye Won‘s allegation of sexual assault against a photo studio seemingly took a turn against her when the head of the photo studio released text exchanges with her to the media. However, she maintained that she was sexually assaulted and said that she agreed to continue doing shoots because she felt blackmailed.

Well, things have seemingly taken another turn, as it was recently revealed that the studio head was fined earlier this month for touching a female model last November. Additionally, he was investigated in 2008 for touching a female model as well.

It was also revealed that the alleged chief was summarily indicted on May 8 for a fine of 3 million won ($2,780) for touching another female model in a photo shoot last November. He will demand a formal trial in objection of the indictment. He was also investigated in 2008 for a similar charge, but the prosecution had his indictment suspended.

The last time we checked in on the other accusers there were four in total, but now there are six.

According to Seoul Mapo Police Station, as of Saturday night, six women, including Yang, claimed they were sexually harassed during forced pornographic photo shoots at the alleged studio.

Additionally, the police are questioning the validity of the text exchange leaked by the studio head.

The police, however, announced that the messages were not officially submitted to them, and therefore, the validity has to be questioned. While the mobile phone has been confiscated, the owner of the data recovery firm was summoned to the police as a testifier on Saturday. Lee Dong-hwan of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency even updated a post on his social media account, criticizing the media outlet who reported the news. He claimed, the story was an “excretion.”

Not sure about the text exchange stuff since Yang Ye Won herself didn’t seem to dispute it (maybe she didn’t remember, I dunno), but the information about the studio head’s apparent history of doing what he’s accused of puts a different spin on the case. Also seems to me that regardless of whether Yang Ye Won is telling the truth or not, this studio head is a mess anyway.


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