Keumjo tries to start Kyungri fansite, gets bullied by Kyungri into closing it within hours

Nine MusesKeumjo decided to try her hand at photography, starting a fansite for fellow member Kyungri to assist with her solo debut.

Keumjo came equipped with a Canon EOS 5D and uploaded previews like any other fansite would.

Unfortunately, she was met by Kyungri telling her she sucks at taking pictures.

To which Keumjo replied that all the pictures look beautiful to her.

Still, traumatized after being bullied by her favorite idol, Keumjo decided to close the fansite.

Kyungri got one last shot in, basically laughing at her fail.

Without a doubt, the right move was made here. Given that Keumjo is a pervert who tries extremely invasive techniques, it was necessary for Kyungri to stonewall her early.



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