BAP get emotional talking about their future + alleged TSE employee says no payment since January

On July 22, BAP held their ‘BAP 2018 Live Limited‘ concert and things got emotional at the end as the members talked about their current contract situation and the possibility that their time together as six is coming to an end.


“Today marks the end of our tour. We were able to end it well because you were all here with us.” As he spoke, he began shedding tears.


“Actually, all six of us have contracts that end at different dates. That’s where we are,” and “In a way, this might be the last concert we do together. I wasn’t sure if I should say this today, and I was thinking of not saying it. We still have time left on our contracts, so you might be able to see us on stage again, but we think this will be our last concert as six.”


“Nothing has been decided yet, but as of now, this is our last scheduled concert. But we’re always ready to greet you. So please don’t be sad. If you cry…” and he was unable to finish his sentence.

“After every event like this, we always have time to look back on ourselves. I think I’ve only just begun, and if you all stay with us, that beginning will be even more special. Seven years have passed, and we’ve collected many memories, but we’re too young and still have too much to show to stop here and do nothing but look back at memories.”


“We filled this concert with our story, from our debut till now. This concert has been a time for me to look back on myself, and it was a concert that made me think a lot. It will remain with me as a good memory.” He continued to state, “Six boys ran with all their might, and it was all of you who made us special. I want to tell you that I’m always grateful. Please continue to make us even more special in the future.”

Bang Yong Guk

“Don’t cry. Never forget that BABYs are always a big source of energy for us. We are always working hard to show our best side, so please keep giving us your love.”


“We still have so many days ahead of us to spend together, so let’s keep walking together.”

The language they’re using sure makes it seem like they know this is it. On its own, that isn’t indicative of guaranteed disbandment or anything, as perhaps it could just be them being careful in case negotiations don’t work out, since they know damn well already how things can go.

That said, it’s certainly not the best of signs if employees of BAP’s company, TS Entertainment, are taking to Twitter to demand being paid. Yesterday, an account named ‘Give-me-money-TS’ from @ts_give started accusing the company of not paying employees since January.

Basically they’re speaking up now because they see the writing on the wall with BAP, which makes them wonder how TSE is gonna pay them wages if they don’t have any money.

Of course, there’s no proof that this is legit an employee or not. However, given that TSE’s founder and CEO Kim Tae Song passed away in January, given the company’s history of disputes over money with both artists and employees, and given that both Jieun and Hyosung are currently engaged in legal battles with the company over money, the situation the alleged employee describes is not only believable but likely.


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