EXID’s agency says Solji’s return for promotions not decided yet, but she’s healthy now

Banana Culture, EXID‘s agency, has responded to the reveal that Solji participated in at least the photoshoot for the upcoming release of the Japanese version of “Up & Down“.

On July 27, Banana Culture responded to growing interest in Solji potentially resuming activities and said, “Solji has received a clean bill of health from her doctors. However, we will all have to keep monitoring her health and be cautious as hyperthyroidism has the possibility of coming back.” The agency confirmed that Solji has been participating in preparations for EXID’s Japanese debut, taking part in the photo shoot and recording process. However, the agency stressed, “We are still in talks on whether Solji will participate in upcoming promotional activities [for EXID’s Japanese debut]. We will most likely come to a final decision in early August.”

So it sounds like her voice will be on the album as well, it’s just in question whether or not it’s best for her health to go back to the grind of promotions. Understandable. Regardless, most importantly, she’s reportedly healthy again.

I’m pumped, bitches. Now I’m even more convinced it’s her on ‘King Of Mask Singer.


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