Friend of MASC’s Chibin alleges that ACE was the member who assaulted him

Following Chibin of MASC taking to Instagram to accuse a ‘hyung’ of assaulting him, a friend of his talked to Insight, sending pictures of the aftermath of the assault and saying that the ‘hyung’ in question was fellow member ACE.

According to the friend, Chibin said the assault by ACE went down back on March 8 when they used to live together at a dorm. As far as the attack itself, the friend says ACE hit Chibin with an umbrella, resulting in the injuries depicted in the pictures the friend sent to the media outlet.

MASC’s company, J Planet Entertainment, has yet to address any of this mess. And honestly, I’m curious as to how they do eventually address it, because it could say a lot.

As far as Chibin goes, hopefully he goes to the authorities if that’s the kind of justice he seeks, because this unfortunately wouldn’t be the first time in even recent K-pop history something like this has happened.


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