[Update] MASC’s company’s statement, Chibin leaves group, ACE threatens lawsuit, 26 provides his POV

After MASC‘s Chibin detailed the assault on him by ACE, and then ACE sorta but not really apologized and dropped a diss track about the incident, things continued in rapid succession.


So basically, Chibin responded to ACE’s claims that he lied about certain things. Chibin clarified that he never made ACE leave MASC, sharing texts from ACE showing that ACE said he’ll leave the group. He also called out ACE’s diss track, saying that it all seemed like he was trying to absolve himself of responsibility. Chibin also says that ACE never tried to reconcile with him, and that it was he who offered reconciliation, and adding that he never charged him or cursed at him. Chibin also claims that ACE hit not only him in the head in the past, but also another member named Moonbong and was the constant source of tension in the group.

Meanwhile, MASC’s company finally addressed the mess, as JJ Holic Media took to the fan cafe to reveal that not only was ACE out of the group for violence, but Chibin was done with it as well to focus on college and turn to acting. Additionally, the company apologized to fans for the way things were handled.

Amazingly, that was not the end of it, as ACE gave an exclusive interview to Edaily. He again apologizes to Chibin, but continued to vaguely say that parts of Chibin’s story were not the truth or were exaggerated. He then says because of those things, he has suffered, so he threatens to take legal action.

In a separate interview, Chibin retold the story, adding that it seemed to stem from ACE being angry after returning from reserves training for the military. He also says that the gap in time between the incident and it being reported was because the agency wanted to keep it quiet, and that if he wanted to go public then the agency said both of them would have to leave so he sat on it. Chibin added that the MASC members helped him with the details of the posts he’s been making, and that he’s not afraid of legal action because he has no idea what ACE would sue him for. Reiterating that all he wanted from ACE was a sincere apology, which he has yet to see.

At this point, it’s difficult to find a reason to doubt Chibin’s story, especially as ACE keeps showing his ass in these so-called apologies. However, if it’s true that the other MASC members helped Chibin go public with this, that would basically help end it. MASC’s company comes out of this looking bad as well if it’s true that they offered Chibin the ultimatum of either going public and having to leave the group or staying quiet and having to deal with his assaulter. Just a shitty situation all around, and one has to hope Chibin comes out of this alright.



MASC member 26 has now announced that he will be leaving the group as well. 26 says his decision wasn’t related to this mess and then gave his take on the Chibin and ACE incident. He says the assault by ACE on Chibin happened, but vaguely says that there was a reason and it wasn’t all ACE’s fault as Chibin’s actions played a role. He also emphasized that the other members there were forced to hold both Chibin and ACE back from each other, saying they prevented a fight between the two.

I dunno, man. Perhaps 26 just phrased things poorly, but it seems like a false equivalence to say that both sides were at fault if the reason Chibin has responsibility in this was primarily him trying to fight back after being assaulted by ACE and suffering injuries that drew blood. Feel like any reasonable person would want to throw hands after that. Then again, 26 is the least-biased party to come forward about this, so maybe it was just awkwardly written.


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