James (ex-Royal Pirates) returns with “The Light” & “Let’s Get Away (Feat. Sooyoung)” MVs, mom promotes for him

If you don’t know the story about former Royal Pirates member James, then you should get caught up (1/2/3/4/5), as it’s a rather horrific one that relates to these releases. Thankfully, his story doesn’t end there, as he got up off the canvas. James recently released a single, called ‘The Light‘, and music videos for two songs, “The Light” and “Let’s Get Away“, the latter of which features SNSD‘s Sooyoung.

Glad for him, man.


James’ injury is looking a lot better and he’s doing good things for others as well.

First I wanted to create merchandise for #thelightep because that’s what you do when you’re trying to survive as an artist. Plus working with @mikoco_studio on the designs was fun because she is a wizard at that stuff. And @represent was very helpful and @kevinwoo_official had nothing but great things to say about them. Then a few days ago I received a disturbing message from a high school friend encouraging me and asking me to reach out to him if I ever had suicidal thoughts. At the end of this long message he told me about A mutual friend who recently took his own life. After looking up that mutual friend’s last conversation with myself, it was clear he was trying to encourage me through my depression in hopes of getting through his own as well. He asked me to pray for him but I did not do enough. So in his name I will be donating a portion of the revenue of these Merchandise pieces in his name to the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION. I’m so sorry george. Rest in peace. https://represent.com/thelight jamesleeofficial.com

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Sooyoung extorted him for her appearance.

And of course, here is his mom doing promo work.


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