‘Produce 48’ Episode 9: Mnet showed them practicing for 2 hours or some shit

We are back with episode nine of ‘Produce 48‘, and after definitely getting a lot better over the past few weeks, Mnet decided it was enough of that shit and laid an egg on us.

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Gonna be honest, what the fuck was Mnet thinking? The ratings were good enough or something so make a whole-ass episode out of practicing? Lee Seung Gi actually fulfilling his duties was enough? The whole show is a giant conspiracy to tank HKT48? I dunno, but this was the least eventful episode yet by far. Like … what do you want me to say? The whole thing was basically dividing into groups and shit.

Oh right, Lee Seung Gi’s ass showed up for once, so that’s notable.

Speaking of people showing up, here’s Daehwi showing up to get a free handshake event with Miyawaki Sakura. Genius.

Jo Yuri is good and should be in the Top 12.

Heo Yunjin is also good and should be in the Top 12 and she won’t be because people are fucking idiots.

Park Haeyoon is good and should be in the Top 12 despite the fact that she sorta looks like this 30-something shopkeeper I know without makeup but that’s okay.

Han Chowon raps too now and should be in the Top 12. Bitch was tanking on purpose for a narrative, we love a conniving woman.

That’s literally fucking it, basically.


Anyway, can we talk about how ‘Produce’ voters spent a whole lot of energy ranting about the lack of talent and all this shit but in the end it’s visuals that win out as it always is? Like I’ve been saying, it’s usually about anything but talent, because even those with talent need to have the visuals or the look or the likability.

The most glaring example is Heo Yunjin, who obviously has the skills and her visuals are recognized as well, but she’s basically out now because of one exchange where she got greedy after feeling the pressure of being eliminated. To rational people, it’s a silly move on her part because you know how Mnet was going to edit that, but also it’s not a strike against her being like evil or something because fucking everybody who is in any entertainment industry has likely had to be assertive at some point to get where they are. The fact that I’m even talking about politely asking whether she could have a position that went against her group’s vote as some kind of horrible affront feels ridiculous because it truly is. Regardless, it made her unlikable to many ‘Produce’ voters in their delulu idol world, so she’s basically blacklisted by many fans and is now done on the show and the group will suffer for it.

The worst part is it wasn’t even quality beef or anything entertaining, just a bunch of people overreacting.


Oh right, the new rankings are out and they are wild.

While I’m making a mess, let’s do the voting. I did one for the midweek rankings.

After some consideration, I’ve updated it.

I’m somewhat locked in for the most part, though I’m open to having my mind changed. I still don’t really get the Kwon Eunbi or Kang Hyewon hype, honestly, even visually.


To compensate for the trash bag of an episode, here’s special clips from all 30 left at least.

P48 Special Clip from Produce48


Boycott update!

The ratings went up again, this time 0.2% to 2.6%, and I guess Mnet thought they could work in a filler episode cause there’s no way people would miss the performances? I have no idea.



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