[Update] LJ exposes relationship with Hwayoung, her reps deny, sister issues threats, he apologizes

Hwayoung (25), one of the most prominently known snakes on the planet, has found herself in a scandal of sorts with “entertainer” LJ (41). This time around it wasn’t due to the media, but because LJ himself decided to release photos on his Instagram and then claimed in the comments that they were dating.

The photos appeared to show LJ and Ryu Hwayoung sharing meals and going on vacation together, and LJ posted them with affectionate hashtags such as “Ryu Hwayoung,” “I’m always grateful.” Later on, when some commenters pointed out that LJ appeared to be posting the photos without Ryu Hwayoung’s consent, he replied, “What’s wrong with going on vacation with my girlfriend? If you need it, I’ll send you supplementary evidence.”

In one post, LJ mentioned DJ DOC Lee Ha Neul’s marriage news to a girlfriend 17 years his junior and said, “DJ DOC Lee Ha Neul hyung, thank you. Much confidence. Mine’s a year younger than yours.”

Well that’s creepy. Dude definitely gives off a shitty vibe.

Anyway, I guess people didn’t believe they were together, so he revealed texts that seem to show them breaking up.

Hwayoung: We’ve known each other for two years and had a lot of happy memories so let’s not hurt each other. Oppa, I’m sorry for making you sad.
It’s hard for me.. I’m serious.. let’s not hurt each other.
LJ: I have no memories with you
Hwayoung: Oppa, I just… want to stay home right now. I don’t want to see anyone. It’s just so hard. I tear up when I think of you, oppa. Thank you for being so good to me.
LJ: I can’t trust you anymore.
Hwayoung: I know you can’t but trust me this once. I respect you. I liked you.

Meanwhile, Hwayoung’s reps denied they were ever dating, saying they are friends.

A spokesperson for Ryu Hwayoung firmly denied any kind of romantic involvement between the two, stating, “We have confirmed the matter with [Ryu Hwayoung] herself. She says that she is simply close friends with LJ and that they are not a couple.”

Additionally, the moral compass that is Hyoyoungwho once threatened to ‘beat the dust off’ of and scratch the face of her sister’s group member — left legal threats in the comments.

“I’m reporting this to the police. I can’t stand it anymore. I’m taking legal action for defamation of character. I’m leaving a comment here like this since you are not picking up.”

“No matter how close you are, why would you keep posting photos that could easily cause misunderstandings without [Ryu Hwayoung’s] permission?”

Not sure why, but she deleted the comments afterward.


Do I feel like this is completely wrong for anybody that was previously in a relationship with somebody else (or whatever this was) to do? Absolutely. But given that it’s Hwayoung and Hyoyoung, if you’re asking me to give a shit … well, I just don’t.


LJ has now apologized after being contacted by media outlets.

“I’m the dummy. I apologize.”

He also posted a text exchange with Hyoyoung for some reason.

“LJ: After I take care of this issue, I’ll stop meeting with Hwayoung.
Hyoyoung: Okay. Oppa, you choose what you’d like carefully. I’m cheering you on.
LJ: Hehe. Thank you. Even if I’m not dating Hwayoung, I’ll help you if you need something.
Hyoyoung: You’re so good to me, oppa. The weather has been hot lately, so I hope you get home soon.
LJ: When I think of how there are much better people than me out there, I think of how it might be my fault that people think so badly of me in that way.
LJ: How badly did I live that people think of me first when things like that happen, and who can I talk to? I think I didn’t live right. I don’t have anyone to talk to, and I want to die.”

Uh … not sure what’s happening.

Was this supposed to generate sympathy for himself or something? Definitely seems like something is off.


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